Cold Spark Sparkler Fountains are a newly introduced technology that uses no fire, flame, or dangerous combustibles to create beautiful showers of sparkles. Our indoor or outdoor Cold Spark Sparkler System is a revolutionary sparkler “fireworks” system that does not emit any heat or smoke, Cold spark sparklers are the perfect choice for extremely enhancing first dances, grand entrances, new product launches, video production, concerts, shows, and any other type of event. Units can be fired either one by one, all together, and in pre programmed sequences, to create waves and other beautiful effects.

An unforgettable first dance! Our amazing, professional-grade dry ice effect will wow your guests and makes for extraordinary photographs. We will create a thick and beautiful cloud covering the dance floor as you enjoy your first dance as newlyweds. To create a more dramatic look, our low laying dry ice effects bundled with our cold spark sparkler fountains are guaranteed to WOW all your guests, and look magical in all your photos & videos! Discounts do apply if booked together, please contact us for more information.